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Lake Athabasca Sand Dunes

Just a note to say thanks to you and your crew–and especially to Reid–for making for an incredible trip to Indian Head and the Athabasca Sand Dunes Provincial Wildland Park. We’ve been trying to put our experiences into words for our friends and colleagues these past few days, but it’s a challenge. Just how does one capture the scale–from the grand sweep of the magnificent scenery to the seemingly fragile, but beautifully adapted rock lichens and dune grasses and tiny orchids.

As you know, we read and prepared as much as we could before going on this trip but the reality is so much more. The trick was being open to the “surprises” that added to the richness of the experience: paying our respects at a WWII memorial in Blair Channel (we looked up the story online when I got home); shore lunch cuisine that tasted sooooo good; finding Reid’s lost tackle on the shoreline of Cantara Bay (one of life’s crazy coincidences); getting to know Casey and Gene and how they could let go of life’s burden for a few record fish catch days; the absence of distraction to really see, smell, listen and touch.

It’s remarkable to know such places exist. Thanks again to everyone–you, Reid, Steve,  Kevin, Rufus, Kahlua–for enabling our stay where we took only pictures (well, ok, and a few rocks) and left only footprints (and hopefully those too have blown away).

Have fun out there…