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Frequently Asked Questions

“Where is Indian Head located?”

Indian Head Fishing Lodge is located on Stewart Island in Lake Athabasca 209 miles northeast of Fort McMurray, Alberta in the Province of Saskatchewan and is 25 miles south of Uranium City.  The closest town accessible by gravel road is Stony Rapids which is 128 miles away by water.

Access to Indian Head is either by plane or by boat.


“What time should I arrive in Fort McMurray?”

You’ll be departing from McMurray  Aviation in the late afternoon so plan your arrival flight accordingly.  If your flight arrives early in the day you get a taxi outside,  drop your bags off at McMurray Aviation and then go to town to pick up any supplies you may have forgotten.

After your stay at IndianHead you will return to Fort McMurray in the early evening.


“Where should we stay in Fort McMurray?”

Depending on your scheduled flights you may have to overnight in Fort McMurray either before or after your time at Indian Head.  We highly recommend Franklin Suite Hotel, located in the heart of Fort McMurray and only minutes from the airport. (855) 213-0582


“What if I have a criminal record?”

Anyone with a criminal record (including a drunk driving conviction) may be excluded from Canada. A waiver of exclusion may be issued but several weeks are required and a processing fee must be paid. Contact the Canadian Embassy or a Canadian Consulate in the U.S. for more information.



Many ask every year what is common for tripping. These are just suggestions and what is typical. A tip is not required but appreciated if the services rendered are deserving.
Pilots – $10-$20 per person per trip
Fishing  Guides – $50-$100 per day
Staff – $50 per day


“What is the weather like?”

The Saskatchewan climate is four-season and variable. Spring, summer, fall and winter are distinct, and temperatures can fluctuate. Saskatchewan summers are usually warm and dry. High temperatures range from 60F (15 C) in May to the mid-80s F (29C) in July and August. We are one of the sunniest destinations in Canada. Nights tend to be cool 50F (10C).  The sun sets in the Summer at around 11:00pm.


“Can I bring a CPAP machine?”

Of course. There are electrical outlets in each room and in the cabins.  We have electricity running 24 hours a day.


“Can I take home trophy fish?”

We follow a Catch & Release policy to insure there are always some monster fish for years to come.  There are companies that specialize in making replica trophy mounts (all they require are photos and measurements of your catch).


“Do I need a fishing license?”

– anyone 16 years of age or over is required to have a fishing license.  $75 for Canadian residents and $100  for non-residents. You can obtain your license at


Follow the steps, print it out and you’re all set.