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Getting there and other useful info

Air Canada


There are several flights daily to Fort McMurray from various locations around Canada and the U.S.

We suggest that guests needing to overnight in Fort McMurray stay at the Franklin Suites Hotel. The Franklin Suites has all the amenities and is just a short taxi ride to the McMurray Aviation hangar. Find out more at (780)788-2199.

Mcmurray Aviation

In Fort McMurray in the late afternoon around 5:00pm you will board a chartered aircraft and fly 209 miles north to the landing strip at Gunnar. Gunnar is an old abandoned mine site located 25 miles south of Uranium City. During your flight you will experience the wildlife and the incredible beauty the north has to offer. During your flight you’ll fly over the most northerly desert, the Athabasca sand dunes. Upon arrival at the airstrip you will board our bus and enjoy a leisurely 5 minute ride to the Gunnar mine site where you will board the waiting boats for a 15 minute ride to the lodge at Stewart Island.
Please note: There is a 50 lb. max. weight limit for baggage, drinks and equipment per person.


Your stay includes plane transportation from Ft. McMurray to the lodge and back, delicious buffet-style meals, full guiding service in 20 foot Alumarine boats fitted with 60 hp Yamaha outboard motors and include downriggers, GPS, Sonar & radios. Well trained guides make sure your fishing experience, safety and comfort are top priority.

Clothing for warm and cold conditions – temperatures can change drastically throughout the season. You’ll also need rain gear and water repellent footwear, toiletries, polarized sunglasses, a camera, etc. Your tackle and lures. We’ll supply rods, reels, downriggers & nets. , We’ll provide a more in depth packing list once the booking process moves along.

– anyone 16 years of age or over is required to have a fishing license. $80 USD for non-residents and $60 for Canadians You can obtain your license at
Follow the steps, print it out and you’re all set.

Use of rods, reels, downriggers & nets. Towels, shampoo, soap, all bedding and sunscreen, as well as insect repellent are supplied.

Bring one complete change of clothing, including a heavy sweater, sweatshirt, jacket, rain gear, and water resistant footwear. The extra clothing should be stored in a waterproof bag (in the boat).

Your comfort is very important to us so feel free to make any requests such as extra pillows, blankets, extra heaters, etc.

We have electricity 24 hours a day (110v) throughout the lodge, cabins and in the rooms.

bug hat

Mosquitoes and gnats can be bothersome so be sure to bring plenty of insect repellant with you if you desire. A head net can come in handy at times.


By law we’re not able to sell alcoholic beverages but we can purchase for you and have them waiting for your arrival. You can place pay for your order when your final payment is made. Any other special requests should be made well in advance of your arrival so that we’ll have plenty of time to accommodate your request.


Our meals are served buffet-style and are centered around beef (roasts, steaks, burgers), poultry (chicken & turkey), and pork (roasts & chops). If you have special meal requirements or an allergy please let us know so the cook can prepare an alternative on a night when these items are being served. Diabetics should also let us know so we can prepare some appropriate alternatives for you –

A “Special Requests Form” will be sent to you during the booking process.


Shore lunches consist of the morning’s catch that’s either fried or baked on the fire in foil. These lunches are quite tasty, but if you don’t care for fish just let us know and we’ll have a packed lunch prepared for you. Just let us know the day before.


We have high speed internet and Wi-Fi so you are bring your laptop or mobile device if you wish. We use Skype for our phone system; these calls are free.


We need to know about serious health issues. The guides have Standard First Aid Training and being made aware of any health conditions may help if you were to have a problem. It’s important that you carry a 2 day supply of medications with you at all times in case of bad weather popping up and preventing us from returning to the lodge for the night. It rarely happens, but you never know.

  • CPAP machines – Many of our guests use CPAP’s – not a problem as there are outlets next to every bed.
  • Medical emergencies – On rare occasions, we have had to bring in a medical evacuation plane. This can take time (1 -2 hours) depending on your location at the time of the emergency. We strongly recommend trip cancellation insurance including medical expenses and evacuation coverage.

CRIMINAL RECORD (non Canadian citizens only)

Anyone with a criminal record (including a drunk driving conviction) may be excluded from Canada. A waiver of exclusion may be issued but several weeks are required and a processing fee must be paid. Contact the Canadian Embassy or a Canadian Consulate in the U.S. for more information.

Canadian Border Crossing Services offers free telephone consultation to determine eligibility.   Contact Mitch Jessiman, a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant at (204) 488-6350.

– anyone 16 years of age or over is required to have a fishing license. $80 USD for non-residents and $60 for Canadians You can obtain your license at

Follow the steps, print it out and you’re all set.

You can also obtain your license at McMurray Aviation prior to flying out to the lodge.

You’ll need to bring enough to pay for any tackle you might buy, non alcoholic beverages or other special orders, and gratuities for guides and staff.

Many ask what is common for tipping. These are just suggestions and what is typical. A tip is not required, but appreciated if the services rendered are deserving.
Pilots – $10-$20 per person for trip
Fishing & Hunting Guides – $50-$100 per day
Staff – $20 per day